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Tick Population Analysis

      Tick population tests will be conducted throughout the intended property or county to determine where ticks are most concentrated, what species is present, what life stage ticks are in, and what percentage of ticks are infected with various diseases.   

Laboratory Tick Testing

   If you, your pet, or someone else were recently bitten by a tick you can submit it for testing. We will inform you of what disease, if any, the tick was carrying as well as an estimate on whether or not the tick was attached long enough to transmit a disease.   

Mosquito Population Analysis

    A mosquito population assessment will occur to identify active and potential breeding areas, population levels, species present, and relevant threats. Mosquitoes collected can be submitted for testing to determine the presence of Zika and other illnesses.

Poisonous Plants Identification

    If there is plant on your property you suspect of being poisonous we can identify it to confirm this. Simply by submitting an image of the plant we will inform you what the plant is and whether or not it is poisonous. This service is provided free of cost.   

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