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Ivy Oaks is a proud partner of Global Lyme Alliance in their efforts to conquer tick-borne diseases. We are honored to have their Vice-Chair Staci Grodin as an advisory board member for Ivy Oaks. Global Lyme Alliance helps Ivy Oaks educate summer camp directors on the threats posed by high tick populations. 

Global Lyme Alliance, formed by the merger of Lyme Research Alliance (LRA) and Tick-Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA), is a leading private nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to finding a cure and accurate test for Lyme disease as well as educating physicians and the public about the dangers of Lyme. Today GLA has gained national prominence for its commitment to changing the course of Lyme disease by funding ground-breaking research, while expanding education programs for the general public and physicians.


  • Serve as an information resource for current medical research and findings with respect to Lyme disease

  • Promote Lyme disease education and awareness programs

  • Prevent the spread of the disease and other tick-borne illness

  • Support the development of accurate and affordable diagnostic testing

  • Find a cure for chronic or persistent Lyme and tick-borne disease infections



Global Lyme Alliance volunteers proudly answer inquiries from patients throughout the world and provide free information about tick-borne disease knowledgeable medical professionals in your area. The inadequacies of the current diagnostic tests and many physicians’ lack of experience with the disease and in interpreting results often prevent a correct diagnosis. Many of the tick-borne disease knowledgeable physicians and healthcare professionals have been trained in Global Lyme Alliance's world-renowned Physician’s Training Program. If you are interested in finding such a medical professional in your area, please contact Global Lyme Alliance.

For more information on Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases visit 

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