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Tick & Mosquito Control


        Ivy Oaks specializes in tick and mosquito control for large areas using UTVs and other equipment allowing us to treat trails and other hard to reach areas in a short time. Our UTV mounted sprayers have the strongest sprayers available, second only to aerial spraying from an airplane. This ensures you are getting the most effective treatment possible. Our mosquito control program is focused on controlling larvae before adult mosquitoes emerge. Season long service plans include a re-treatment guarantee in the event of any issues we will return to retreat at no cost. While our process for controlling ticks and mosquitoes is similar and typically bundled, we also offer a tick control only option. 

Treatment Timing


      We typically begin season-long services in the spring with bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly service options depending on client needs. We also offer single event treatments for wedding venues and retreat centers that can be billed directly to your guests. If you are currently having a tick or mosquito issue it is better to treat sooner than later to prevent populations from continuing to increase. 


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