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Poisonous Plant Identification

While Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are the most well-known toxic plants in the United States many others can cause severe reactions. We will provide you with our best estimate of what species the plant you suspect is poisonous by submitting an image.

Submitting Your Plant Image


      The photo quality and photo size will likely be one of the main factors in whether or not we can accurately identify the plant. Please do not submit very small images or images that are blurry. Do not touch the plant if you suspect it is poisonous while taking the photograph. 


      We cannot guarantee that our identification will be 100% accurate based on the photo provided. Consider contacting your local botanist or a trusted landscaping service for final identification. 

       Please submit your photo or photos (up to five) via email to List PLANT ID in the subject line. In the body of the email inform us of your city, state and any other relevant information such as individuals with rashes, etc. Your city and state will provide us with a geographic reference and help narrow potential plant candidates. 

       This service is provided at no charge.

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