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Large Estate Public Health Program

How This Works

The Comprehensive Prevention Program is designed specifically for luxury estates to address ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy simultaneously. 


Our process works by addressing all threats at one time, on monthly visits to your estate, for one cost.  More so, we offer host-focused tick reduction devices that provide a long-term approach to ticks. Our cost never changes during the season so if an outbreak of any threat occurs your price stays the same.


Our program will address:

  • Ticks

  • Poison Ivy

  • Mosquitoes

  • Gnats

  • Mites & Chiggers


Our Comprehensive Prevention Program provides your estate automatic certification with Tick, Mosquito & Poison Ivy Control. 


We take extreme cautions during treatments to ensure no damage occurs to your landscaping and other property features during treatments. We work with celebrities, athletes, and other notable individuals. All client information is kept confidential. 

Estate Tick Control_edited.png

Within 48 hours of requesting an estimate you will receive a GPS Image estimating the treatment size along with a video which overviews all aspects of our program. Estimates are confidential and offered at no charge and no obligation.

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Estates Partner With Ivy Oaks

Why Estates Partner With Ivy Oaks

Safety: Ensuring highest possible safety standards for your residence is one of the primary reasons estates partner with us. Whether an estate had few or no issues the summer before signing up, or many issues, being proactive is crucial.  
Luxury: Your estate likely didn't come easy and you should enjoy your property at its full potential. Mosquitoes, gnats and other pesty insects are not features you envision when thinking of your property. We are the experts in large-scale control and you will get the desired results from Ivy Oaks. 
Property Certification: Our certification identifies properties with the highest public health safety standards. While most estates do little or nothing to reduce ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy your certified estate has suppressed these risks.

Peace of Mind: Implementing our program provides estate owners with an understanding that everything which can be done to mitigate the risk of Lyme Disease, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Poison Ivy and similar threats is being done. Further, if you ever have any problems we return to retreat at no charge. 


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