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Moth Control


        Moth Control is conducted typically with a single treatment in early spring while caterpillars are still in their cocoon. Once the caterpillars have left the nest, or once you notice moths begin to fly control becomes more challenging. If you are aware of a moth issue at your facility it is best to contact us and schedule a Spring treatment. This may vary depending on your level of infestation, moth type and additional factors. Moth control is not available in all states. 

Preventative Spring Treatment


      Generally our most effective moth control program involves a single treatment in the Spring targeting caterpillars while still in the cocoon. Depending on property size this treatment can take between a few hours and 5 days. Our process is highly effective to the point we provide a 1 year retreatment guarantee. In the event you have any moth issues within a year of service we will return to retreat at no cost. As these well timed treatments can only be conducted during a 4-6 week span our availability is limited. If you are aware of moth issues we recommend reaching out sooner than later. We can provide an estimate based on a GPS measurement of your facility which does not require a site visit.


Post Spring Control


      If you are a currently dealing with a moth outbreak we have options that will provide some population reduction. This is typically a more intensive treatment than our preventative treatment and does not produce as great of control outcomes but will provide some relief. 


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