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Spotted Lanternfly Control

Spotted Lanternfly Infestation on Tree.jpg

Preventative Spring Treatment


     Our most effective Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) control program involves a single treatment in the Spring targeting SLF when they first become active. Depending on property size this treatment can take between a few hours and 5 days. Our process is highly effective to the point we provide a 1 year retreatment guarantee. In the event you have any SLF issues within a year of service we will return to retreat at no cost. As these well timed treatments can only be conducted during a 4-8 week span our availability is limited. If you are aware of Spotted Lanternfly issues we recommend reaching out sooner than later. We can provide an estimate based on a GPS measurement of your facility which does not require a site visit.


Post Spring Control


      If you are a currently dealing with a Spotted Lanternfly outbreak we have options that will provide population reduction. This is typically a more intensive treatment than our preventative treatment but will achieve significant reduction. 


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