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Mosquito Population Analysis

        Through an extensive analysis process our mosquito population surveillance will provide you with an understanding of the species present, population level, breeding zones, infection rates and risks associated with your mosquitoes.  

Breeding Zones


      Your property with be assessed to identify and potential and active breeding zones. Active breeding zones are areas which mosquitoes are currently breeding. Potential breeding areas are sites that exhibit features necessary for mosquitoes to use during breeding. 


Species Identification & Distribution


      Various stations will be deployed to collected adult mosquitoes. These stations will hold devices that attract mosquitoes through techniques including carbon dioxide release, light traps, stagnant water traps and other methods. Mosquitoes collected at each station will be counted and identified based on species.


     This information will provide us with an understanding of where the highest concentration of mosquitoes are located, what species are present, and how close each population is to the nearest breeding zone. Collected mosquitoes can be submitted for lab testing to evaluate disease prevalence. 

     Additional components will be assessed to determine your overall mosquito population risk.



Analysis Candidates


     Our mosquito population analysis is intended for entities that would like to be aware of what risks are present at their property. Reasons our analysis has been conducted include local government entities assessing public risk, a non-profit board wanting an assessment completed before implementing our comprehensive program, and similar reasoning. 

     Most components of our mosquito population analysis are included in our comprehensive program for a lower cost. If you are already aware your facility has a high mosquito population, with visitors or guests currently being bitten by mosquitoes, our comprehensive program is likely a better fit. 



      The cost of our analysis service will vary depending on your property size, budget and needs. If interested in our analysis service please submit a request below or contact Isaiah Ham directly, 844-489-6257. Once we receive the property address and size we will provide you with cost options in a written proposal.


      There are no hidden fees and the costs mentioned in the options will be the final cost. Most components of our analysis are included in our control and surveillance program for a lower cost. If you decide to implement our comprehensive program following review of your risk assessment a portion of the fee paid for our analysis service will be applied to cost of our comprehensive program. 



      After we receive your submission for quote we will reach out to share further details about our program and learn more about your situation. From this discussion we will develop an analysis program best suited to your needs.


     Our mosquito population surveillance typically begin in late spring or early summer. The exact start date depends on what region you are located and when you contact us to schedule the analysis. Collection and surveillance can take extended periods depending on the area, size and full extent of analysis you select.



      Outdoor recreation businesses and other commercial entities will likely prefer their report remains private. Ivy Oaks Analytics only shares results directly with clients. The reports are not shared with government entities or any other organizations. Clients are welcome to make the results of their report public or share it should they choose. 


     We encourage government entities to make their results public. 

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