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Ticks, Mosquitoes, Moths & Poison Ivy


Moth, Lanternfly & General Pest Control

 Tick & Mosquito
Comprehensive Program

Analyze Tick Population Levels and Infection Rates

Ivy Oaks


CAMP Micah

"Every summer from 2010-2014, 7 or 8 campers had confirmed or suspected tick bites at IHC, and each summer, 3 or 4 of those children tested positive for Lyme disease. The next year, IHC hired a new service that helps fight ticks, including spraying the perimeter of the camp with pesticides and offering advice on how to get rid of habitats where ticks breed. Since then, not a single camper is known to have been bitten by a tick. Now, 123 camps use the service, according to Isaiah Ham, who started Ivy Oaks after one of his summer campers contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite. Ham, then a college student working as a counselor, said he wasn't pleased with the response."


"When I first learned of Ivy Oaks and what they did, I was skeptical. Mosquitoes and ticks have become such a problem over the past ten year so we tried the service.  It is the best money we ever spent. In a year where we had a very wet spring we hardly saw any mosquitoes and the tics were controlled and kept out of the activity areas of camp. Our health center reported a huge difference in what they were seeing. Poison Ivy and oak were non-existent.  We look forward to telling all of our new families what we are doing to protect their children and will be using Ivy Oaks services for a long time!"

-Mark Lipof

Owner & Director Camp Micah

Business Insider

"Camps which implement this program receive an advanced public health safety certification from Ivy Oaks that is recognized by Global Lyme Alliance. To date, there is no method for a parent to know how bad the ticks are at each individual summer camp. The Ivy Oaks certification is the lone credential available which indicates camp tick safety standards."

-Business Insider

Global Lyme Alliance

"I am so grateful for Ivy Oaks . Their services provide parents, staff & campers in tick endemic areas throughout the east coast a high level of comfort and safety.  As someone who has personally suffered from Lyme and tick-borne diseases for many years, I know first hand how devastating the effects of these illnesses can be for children & families. Ivy Oaks has come up with a proven process to reduce the tick populations in these camps for this serious epidemic. I am thrilled that my children’s sleep away camp in Wayne County, PA is officially certified from Ivy Oaks.

-Staci Grodin

Vice-Chair Global Lyme Alliance

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Just after finishing college, Isaiah started Ivy Oaks, a business that provides tick, mosquito and poison ivy control at summer camps and recreational centers.. In its first season of business in 2016, Ivy Oaks provided services for about 10 camps. In 2017, the client base grew to 64 camps." 

- Richmond-Times Dispatch 

Camp Pontiac

"We are a program-based camp comprised in large part by Outdoor Adventure activities and team-and trust-building obstacle courses in the woods. As a facility owned and operated by two doctors whose primary focus is the health and safety of our campers, partnering with Ivy Oaks gives us and our camp families confidence that we've got professional controls in place to mitigate Lyme exposure."
- Michael Etra
Director Camp Pontiac


"Isaiah and his team offer an incredibly valuable service for any camp professional as they help manage tick and mosquito populations to extremely low numbers and help eradicate poison ivy in high traffic areas. Their treatment significantly reduced the risk to our campers and staff making IHC a healthier and safer community.  Camp IHC is proud to have partnered with Ivy Oaks , a company committed to protecting children!"
- Joel Rutkowski
Owner & Director Camp IHC

Chanco on the James

"At Chanco on the James, we take the health and safety of our campers and guests seriously. So, when Isaiah offered a service that would reduce the risks associated with poison ivy, ticks, and mosquitoes I was eager to participate. Although there will always be insects in the woods, our guests are safer now thanks to our partnership with Ivy Oaks."
- Gareth Kalfas
Executive Director Camp Chanco on the James

Facility Executive

Commercial areas over 25 acres have limited options for reducing ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, & poison ivy. Many areas simply do not implement any control measures due to this challenge. Control companies franchised to specialize in residential areas may attempt to service a larger commercial area using residential equipment and techniques which is often inadequate. Ivy Oaks is  specifically developed for large areas. Ivy Oaks works with more than 120 commercial clients across 14 states, up from nine clients in 2016, with a 97% return rate.

-Facility Executive

16 abc

"A camp in the Poconos is making sure its campers will be safe by becoming certified in a tick prevention program. What some people don't know is this is one of 29 other Northeast PA summer camps certified... Camp Canadensis has partnered with Ivy Oaks Analytics to implement their tick population monitoring and control program."
- WNEP16

Fox 56 Wolf

"We've partnered with really professional and evidence-based organization, Ivy Oaks , who do research in this area, track when they come on site, and look for ways to really minimize any exposure that we might have," Joel said. They've seen this investment in prevention as beneficial. "What's interesting is even though the national prevalence is increasing, after we had taken preventative measures and treatment measures, our numbers were actually decreasing," said Lauren"

 - FOX56

the Bershkire edge

"To protect campers and staff, 12 area camps have partnered with Ivy Oaks to implement a large-scale tick population monitoring and control certification program. So far this year, more than 100 camps in 14 states—double the number since last year—have signed on to receive certification."

 - The Berkshire Edge 


"29 area summer camps are among the first nationally certified for implementing a tick prevention program to protect campers from the threats of tick-borne illnesses. The program, provided by a partnership of Global Lyme Alliance & Ivy Oaks, includes large-scale tick population monitoring and control. Staff at each participating camp also receive tick safety training. State and local governments do not evaluate tick populations or Lyme risk when licensing summer camps. Some camps have very high tick populations and many children every summer contract Lyme or other tick-borne diseases."
- Wayne-Pike News


"We were amazed to see that they have an effective program against ticks, which are actually the most dangerous of the pests, as Lyme Disease is a bad sickness, hard to diagnose and cure. And they even certify areas as safe and list them on their website for the public to locate areas that remove poison ivy, reduce ticks, etc." 

Summer Camp Programming

"They focus on reducing tick populations and controlling poison ivy. Camps they service become certified as having advanced safety standards and are listed on their website which allows parents, campers and staff to find camps that reduce these threats."

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp

"Ivy Oak has exceeded my expectations over the past eight years in their service to LBMC.  They are both professional and easy to work with, especially during the summer months. Everything that was represented to us has been delivered in a timely and orderly scheduled process."
- Dan Kagan
Owner & Director Lake Bryn Mawr Camp

KenMont KenWood

"We just finished our first summer season working with Ivy Oaks and we could not be happier.  Our campers and staff were in a much safer environment because of their efforts and we saw an improvement in tick numbers at our camp. It’s the reassurance of their efforts and positive outcome that put our campers, staff members and parents in a safer summer camp."
- Scott Rothschild
Owner & Director Kenmont & Kenwood Camps

Camp Akeela

"As camp professionals, our first priority is the safety of our campers and staff.  We have a 400-acre property that includes a farm and beautiful woods.  We want our community members to be able to play without concern that they will be harmed.  Using Ivy Oaks gives us, and our camp parents, the peace of mind that our children's risk of contracting a Tick-Borne Disease will be greatly reduced."
- Debbie Sasson
Director Camp Akeela

Pinemere Camp

"When Ivy Oaks called our offices we were incredibly impressed by their professionalism and the scope of services that they provide. We signed on with them quickly and the process was smooth sailing. More importantly, we saw no poison ivy cases and only one report of a tick. This was without a doubt due to the work of Ivy Oaks!"
- Mitch Morgan 
Executive Director Pinemere Camp

American Camp Association (ACA)

"As part of our national accreditation through the American Camp Association (ACA), we are continually evaluating and improving our six programs, While ticks have never been a significant problem at the Aloha Camps, we know the population is growing and felt it was our responsibility to do more to ensure the safety of our campers and staff. Having this protocol in place allows us to monitor this important health and safety issue, take preventative measures, reduce risks and better protect those in our care."
- Chris Overtree Ph.D
Executive Director The Aloha Foundation

Camp Laurel Maine

"Our partnership with Ivy Oaks helps us elevate the tick and mosquito population control program at our camps.  They’re very responsive and results-oriented."
- Keith Klein
Camp Laurel & Laurel South

Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp

"Ivy Oaks was great to work with and made our summer experience even safer. We are pleased to be working with them again this season."
- Adam Weinstein
Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp

Camp Starlight

"We take a proactive approach to health and well-being. Working with Ivy Oaks helps us ensure the environmental safety of our campers and staff."
- David Miller
Director & Owner Camp Starlight

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