Laboratory Tick Testing

Did you recently find a tick attached to you, your pet or someone else?

Our laboratory can help you determine the threat level of your tick.

Diseases Present In Tick


      Once you have submitted the tick it will be lab tested for various diseases. You will be made aware of what these diseases are via email once this is determined. If a tick tests positive for a disease that does not necessarily mean that you have that illness. Many factors are involved in transmission and knowing the presence of a disease should be used as a risk assessment and not a diagnosis. 


Tick Feeding Time


      Most tick-borne diseases require a certain amount of time for the illness to be transmitted. Some diseases transmit after 12 hours attached while others require shorter or longer periods. It is very unlikely that a tick attached for a short period of time can transmit an illness. 

     Our lab can measure the tick to determine how much blood it ingested while attached. The higher the quantity of blood present, the longer the tick was feeding. From this measurement it is determined how long the tick was feeding and whether time length indicates a high or low risk of transmission.