Program Overview

Perimeter Treatments: Protective Barrier Surrounding Camp

- Tick & Mosquito spray applied 

- Poison Ivy inspected & treated 

- GoPro Cameras on all units

- Average Time 2-4 hours 

- Wet areas 15-30 minutes dry

- Perimeter Accurate*

Tick-Borne Disease Transmission

Ticks not born with Lyme & most other diseases.

Rodents carry Lyme & other bacteria in blood.

Ticks feed on rodents and become infected with bacteria.

Humans Infected

Tick Control Boxes

Bait attracts rodents into box.

Sponge inside box applies liquid to fur of rodent.

Rodent leaves unharmed and controls ticks.


Tick Population Test

Carbon Dioxide release stations attract ticks to test locations.

  • Tick Concentrations

  • Species Present

  • Life Stage

  • Percentage Infected

Tick Population Analysis

Mosquito Breeding Zone

Identified based on larval presence. Breeding zones are treatment on each visit to prevent reproduction.

Poison Ivy

Identification & Control

Perimeter inspected each visit and any poison ivy is immediately treated.


Parent Information

"Each year we go through a very thorough review process which includes analyzing every aspect of the CAMP NAME experience. It has always been and will continue to be our commitment to improve on our already high standards and make the next year better than the last.  


With this in mind we have partnered with Ivy Oaks Analytics, a public health company based out of Virginia that specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy at large campgrounds, parks and summer camps. Ivy Oaks works with over 70 top summer camps on the east coast. 


Although this has never been a major issue at CAMP NAME we feel very strongly that CAMP NAME has an obligation to our camp community to do everything in our power to reduce the risks associated with ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy. 


Their process includes ongoing tick population measurements, landscape modification, natural control methods and more. CAMP NAME is proud to be one of the few camps nationally with an advanced public health standards certification by implementing this program. 


As always should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


We look forward to welcoming your campers this summer!"


Staff Training Session

Global Lyme Alliance

Tick Tool-Kit

Tick & Ivy ID Cards